Matthew Fox’s squeaky-clean image as a family man could soon be "Lost" for good after he was caught up in a cheating scandal involving a tattooed stripper.

The stripper, nearly young enough to be his daughter, claims she began an affair with the 43-year-old star – who plays  Dr. Jack Shephard on the hit ABC series – after meeting him at a strip club in Bend, Oregon.

Stefani Talbott, 26, who danced at the Stars Cabaret club in Bend, confessed to the ENQUIRER: "Yes, I’ve been having an affair with Matthew Fox. We had sex together.

"I’ve kept voice mails and text messages from him."

Stefani has told others of her incredible boasts about her alleged sexual exploits with the actor.

Yet the actor vehemently denies he had a sexual relationship with Stefani.

"Matthew’s partying is out of control. He’s boozing and carrying on with women. His carousing is at an all-time high," a source revealed.

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