Lorna Luft Beats Breast Cancer

Courageous songbird Lorna Luft has finally won her three-year battle with breast cancer — and ended her feud with half-sister Liza Minnelli!

The 63-year-old daughter of Judy Garland is thrilled after resolving her medical crisis AND her estrangement from Liza, said a source.

“It’s ironic, but Lorna’s heroic struggle with cancer finally ended their decades-long feud!” said the source, who says Liza’s drug use came between them. “Liza realized how much she loved her little sister and how heartbroken she’d be if she lost her.”

Doctors “rebuilt” the front of Lorna’s cancer-wracked body, reveals the singer. “They took a bit of my chest wall and did a complete mastectomy,” she said, adding surgeons ended up removing SEVEN ribs! But she was thrilled when her doctor said: “You’re cancer-free.”

The half-sisters are true survivors. Liza, 69, has had two hips and a knee replaced, yet still attends dance class, while gritty Lorna never gave up.

“I thought, ‘**** you,’” she said. “‘I’m going to win, OK?’”