Rob Shuter

Liza Minnelli’s New Gay Obsession

Singing legend leaves New York for LA!

liza minnelli michael feinstein obsession
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Liza Minnelli is once again in love with a gay man!

“Liza left New York and all her friends to be with a gay piano player, Michael Feinstein,” a tipster told The National ENQUIRER’S own Rob Shuter.

“Michael and his longtime partner Terrence Flannery were married by Judge Judy, but that hasn’t stopped Liza from wanting to be with Michael.

Since moving, her New York friends have seen less and less of Liza and now worry that she might never perform again.

Judy Garland’s New Grave — To Make Room For Liza

“She has dropped everything for Michael. He has some sort of magical power over her.”

Her rep said Liza will always consider New York home, but she made the move to be close to friends and family — and presumably, her latest gay blade.

Liza’s first marriage was to a gay man — Peter Allen, and her last was to David Gest, who was rumored to be gay — something he denied before his 2016 death.