LATEST: Liz Taylor hospitalized! Liz was brought to the hospital from her Beverly Hills home suffering from exhaustion.  According to a source, "the heart’s gone out of her" with the death of her beloved MJ.

PREVIOUSLY: The shocking truth about Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s no-show at BFF Michael Jackson‘s LA Memorial!

The Hollywood icon and one of Jacko’s best friends was snubbed by the Jackson Family at the LA Staples Center memorial.  Liz, who dubbed MJ "The King of Pop", was deliberately dissed and put on the B-List according to a source.

Despite being confined to a wheelchair the unsinkable Liz was planning to attend Jacko’s concert series in London on a private plane chartered for the occasion as a show of support for her beloved MJ.

But when it came to the much-ballyhooed Staples Center Memorial the Jackson clan didn’t want her – pure and simple.

She wasn’t given an invite. They want her to speak nor was she CC’ed access to any private service.

Why?  The family was ALWAYS jealous of Taylor’s friendship with their son and resented her, the source divulged.

According to the source, "Elizabeth Taylor was crushed.  She’s still crying."