Hollywood great Richard "Dick" Burton, who was twice married and divorced  from Liz Taylor, was an unrepentant drunk.

In the days when rehab was called "'drying out", Burton's brother recalled the Welsh star's life long love affair with booze that began after he downed his first bottle at age 15.

"I think Richard became an alcoholic in the '60s," the star's brother said in an interview.

"He always had to have a drink before he went onstage-he was very high-strung-but it never affected his performances.

"Then Elizabeth became an alcoholic. She certainly was not an alcoholic when I first knew her, although she used to like her Jack Daniel's.

"By the time they were making Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf in 1966, they were both alcoholics.

"It must have been a Virginia Woolf situation in real life. "

For those unfamiliar with Edward Albee's masterpiece, Taylor and Burton go "steel cage match" on each other as their marriage disintegrates in a smoky haze of booze and sick mind games.

Like most celeb couples today.