After CHARLIE SHEEN’s inflammatory and bizarre comments to a radio talk show CBS and producer CHUCK LORRE have pulled the plug on the remainder of the top-rated Two and a Half Men.

In a downward spiral bent on self destruction Sheen’s actions and behavior grew more hostile and vindictive toward the show that provided the millions to bankroll his hedonistic descent into alleged drug addiction, prostitution and mental instability.

Now  CBS and Warner Bros. Television said they are ending production on TV’s top-rated sitcom for the season.

The decision was based on the "totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition," the companies said in a joint statement Thursday. The show’s future was not addressed.
Production had been suspended in January to allow Sheen,45, to seek rehab which he was undergoing at home under the supervision of himself.

That was before Charlie’s  radio interview with Alex Jones in which the troubled star blasted Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre and multiple targets including Alcoholics Anonymous.
Sheen, in the interview,  evoked violent images and ideas.

He also derided Lorre in an apparent anti- Semitic slur.

"There’s something this side of deplorable that a certain Chaim Levine – yeah, that’s Chuck’s real name – mistook this rock star for his own selfish exit strategy, bro. Check it, Alex: I embarrassed him in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace that his unevolved mind cannot process," Sheen said.

"Last I checked, Chaim, I spent close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold. And the gratitude I get is this charlatan chose not to do his job, which is to write," he said.

Producer Lorre, born Charles Levine, was not amused.  Nor was CBS and Warner Brothers television.

Learning the show was axed last night, Sheen launched into another unbalanced tirade against Lorre on websites.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the delusional star will NOT be paid for the episodes that were canceled, leaving less money to go around for his drug dealers and hookers.

Producers of new Major League sequel are now pondering whether to cut Sheen loose as a "potential risk" to their upcoming production as well.