Family Fears!

Lisa Marie Presley In Massive Heart Attack Scare

Insiders expose attempted cover up!

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Lisa Marie Presley collapsed in a quivering heap of shock and despair when told her guitar-playing husband needs emergency heart surgery!

While Lisa Marie, 48, and rocker Michael Lockwood want to keep the crisis secret, an immediate member of the Elvis Presley clan said the surgery will be “sooner rather than later.”

As The National ENQUIRER first reported in February, Michael — dad to Lisa Marie’s 7-year-old twin daughters — needed emergency medical treatment for his heart over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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“Michael was undergoing a stress test on a treadmill at his doctor’s office when his heart started to race out of control,” revealed the source.

“It was beating so wildly that he was scared it would burst out of his chest and explode!”

The doctor used a defibrillator to keep Michael, 54, alive before he was rushed to a local hospital near the couple’s Franklin, Tenn., home.

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Michael is likely suffering from atrial fibrillation, also known as AFib, NYC-based internist Dr. Stuart Fischer told The ENQUIRER.

“It is characterized by a quivering or irregular heartbeat called an arrhythmia,” said Dr. Fischer, who has not treated Michael.

He warned that “left untreated, arrhythmia can lead to stroke, which is the number one complication, as well as blood clots, heart failure and other heart-related complications.”

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The insider claimed Michael hasn’t always made the best lifestyle choices over the years.

“He’s changed some things but still struggles with others. He still eats a lot of junk and processed foods,” added the source.

“Up until recently he’d been walking around like a ticking time bomb, suffering in silence and keeping his health problem a secret, even from Lisa Marie.

“Now that she knows, it’s scaring the living bejesus out of her!”