Whole lotta weight loss goin’ on!  LISA MARIE PRESLEY’s amazing secret!

 WOW! After years of struggling with her weight, Lisa Marie has dropped 50 pounds and looks sensational in a bikini.

“She’s back to having the body she had 10 years ago and has never looked better,” declared a family friend.

Elvis’ 45-year-old daughter attributes her amazing weight-loss success to trading the TinselTown rat race for the simple life in the English countryside.

Proof of her bangin’ new body is spectacularly evident in recent photos that show a bikini-clad Lisa Marie strutting her stuff on vacation in Hawaii.

LISA MARIE’S JOURNEY TO better health began in 2010, af­ter she gave up what she called the “self-absorbed” life in Los Angeles. She relocated to the tiny village of Rotherfield in East Sussex – about 35 miles south of London – with husband Michael Lockwood and three of her four children.

After moving to a 50-acre farm, she discovered her stress evaporating – and along with it her binge eating.

“Lisa is happier than she has been in a long time,” confided the family friend.

“If she is not at the local pub enjoying her favorite dishes, she  is working in her garden. She walks just about ev­erywhere in their village.

“The move to England was the best thing for her mentally and physically.”

The 5-foot-3 rocker has lost and gained a dramatic amount of weight over the years.

By March 2010, she had ballooned to 165 pounds, as The ENQUIRER re­vealed.

She was 42, the same age as her beloved dad when he died, and vowed to lose weight – but without dieting.

“These days Lisa Marie is eating right, mostly organic food,” said the source. “The fat has just melted away and she’s been able to get back to 115 pounds with hardly any effort.

“Not many middle-aged women can rock a bikini like Lisa Marie. Her daddy would be proud.”