Love is better the second time around for Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage — just months after breaking up they’re giving romance another chance, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

“Ever since Lisa Marie dumped Nic, he hasn’t been able to live without her,” said a source close to the couple.

“He’s been lonely and sad and has told pals he thinks about her constantly.

“Finally, a few weeks ago, Nic broke down and decided to call her again. He didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised when Lisa Marie was friendly and warm toward him.

“Nic told her he was going to be in Florida and asked if they could get together. She said yes and both of them realized there was still tremendous chemistry between them.

“They spoke by phone a few more times and seemed to fall right back into the comfort zone they had established with each other previously.

“Finally, Nic flew to Florida and they spent a couple of days together on the west coast of Florida. Things were great between them. It was natural and fun and they both realized the still loved each other.

“They were having such a good time that they decided to go to Miami together. They went shopping in South Beach, strolled near the beach, held hands and just enjoyed each other’s company.

“Before Nic flew back to Los Angeles, both he and Lisa Marie decided they should give love another shot. They realized they should work at their relationship and see if they could overcome their problems.

“Now they’re making plans to spend more time together and they’re both very excited. They’re back in love and there’s no telling what the future holds for them.”