LISA MARIE Presley and Nicolas Cage were this close to remarrying, but their plans exploded when a funny thing happened on the way to the altar — they realized why they broke up in the first place!

Just two months after they got back together, the volatile couple split again because in-between bouts of incredible sex, they fought like cats and dogs.

And it didn’t help that Nic has the hots for sultry Angelina Jolie, either.

Now, Cage, who has had a crush on Jolie since they made “Gone in 60 Seconds,” has left Lisa Marie in the dust and is in hot pursuit of the “Tomb Raider” beauty, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

“It’s over before it really got started again between Nic and Lisa Marie,” said a source. “It’s always the same story — they rekindle their feelings, have a steamy few weeks together and then it’s off.

“Nic is already chasing Angelina and has put any thoughts of a second marriage with Lisa Marie out of his head. In the past few weeks, Angelina has turned into an obsession for him. He is really putting the full court press on.”

Sources say the reason it never lasts between Nic, 39, and Lisa Marie, 35, is that they’ve always had a love-hate relationship. One minute they can’t live without each other and the next minute they’re ready to claw each other’s eyes out!

“We’re both so dramatic and so dynamic that when it was good, it was unbelievably good. But when it was bad, it was just a f—–g bloody nightmare for everybody,” Elvis Presley’s daughter confided to an interviewer.

The pair first split following one such blowup in November 2002, 107 days after their romantic Hawaiian wedding in August of that year.

That left the door open for them to get back together in September 2003 when Lisa Marie was performing at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

As The ENQUIRER reported, Lisa Marie has been suffering gastrointestinal problems that are aggravated by the stress of performing. When Nic learned of her anxiety, he dropped by for support.

“In addition to being enormously sexually attracted to Lisa Marie, Nic has always had a soft spot for her,” says the source.

“She always plays the tough chick, but he knows how vulnerable she is.

“Even after they split up, they never stopped talking on the phone. Nic has always been a sounding board for Lisa Marie and he is good at encouraging her singing and song writing career when she needs a boost.”

When the pair got back together it was lust at second sight, say sources.

Following the show, Nic and Lisa Marie had an intimate dinner, and then it was back to her hotel room. “After a few days of being in each other’s arms, they were talking about making it permanent again. At least, Lisa Marie was,” said the source.

But within a couple of weeks, all the old problems crept back. They fought over his obsession with his acting career and his partying.

“When he’s not acting or pursuing his new passion, directing, he’s partying with his buddies in downtown L.A. or New Orleans or spending time with his son,” said the source.

“Lisa Marie wants a man full-time and Nic just isn’t that guy.”

Sources say Lisa Marie, who has a daughter Danielle, 14, and son Benjamin, 11, is also jealous of Nic and other women, especially Kristina Fulton.

Nic, meanwhile, started to remember just how clingy and needy Lisa Marie is.

“He never understood Lisa Marie’s bizarre insular world — where it seems sometimes that she’s constantly surrounded by bodyguards from the Church Of Scientology,” said the source.

“It’s as if Lisa Marie expects to be catered to at all times, and Nic never had that in him.”

What’s more, Nic just couldn’t get Angelina, 28, out of his mind. The pair had a romantic lunch date earlier this year at the Savoy Grill in London. They talked about how they were both single and ready for love. And at a dinner party that night, she wore a red dress that knocked Nic’s eyes out of his head.

Sources say the end came for Nic and Lisa Marie when he told her he was going to be busy with his new movie, “National Treasure,” and to not expect much quality time with him, even though they’d both be in L.A.

Lisa Marie hit the roof, said the source. She screeched that he hadn’t changed at all and he couldn’t even manage to spend time with her when they’re in the same city.

Then Nic threw up his hands and told her that it’s not going to work out, because she doesn’t understand him. She stormed out and slammed the door in his face.

But as that door closed, another one opened for Nic — the door to Angelina’s heart.

“Nic and Angelina have been talking about reuniting onscreen for a remake of the 1973 horror film ‘The Wicker Man’ and have a lot in common,” said an insider.

“They share a love of vampires and tattoos. Nic feels that Angie appreciates his quirks more than Lisa Marie ever did.

“And Nic wants to have more kids. He’s crazy about Angie’s adopted son Maddox and he thinks she’s a great mom.”

What’s more, he admires her work with The UN in defense of refugees.

“He thinks of Angelina as his ultimate woman,” adds the insider.

“To Nic’s delight, Angelina is just starting work on the film ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith’ in L.A. He feels fate is intervening again because he’s working here as well,” say sources.

“One thing is for sure, Nic will be trying to get as close as possible to Angelina while they are in L.A.,” said the insider. “He can be a very determined guy when it comes to love.”