Oh wow, man, LISA LING’s pop’s on pot!

The former “View” star reveals her retired dad Doug is going through his second childhood, toking on medical marijuana that’s been prescribed for his chronic insomnia.

“All he likes to do is sit around at night and watch TV and smoke a bud!” Lisa told an interviewer.

“It’s the weirdest thing because when we were young, my dad was so strict with us. If I came home one minute late, I’d be grounded for a day!”

Ling, 39, was alarmed when her father, a former aviation supervisor, became lethargic and forgetful. At first she thought he was suffering from de­mentia. But now she blames the pot!

Lisa, host of the CBS mid-season replacement series “The Job,” said she and her younger sister Laura have become like “parents” to their dad.

“He wants to maintain his independence, but he’ll forget that the stove is on sometimes,” she said. “We’re concerned because we’re not there and he’s kind of reverted back to this childlike behavior.”

Her dad’s pot puffing is per­fectly legal, she added, noting that it’s medically authorized to help him fall asleep.

Meanwhile, her pals think it’s “so cool” that her dad smokes weed. And Lisa points out: “He’s 75 – shouldn’t he be able to live the way he wants?”