LINDSAY LOHAN has a shocking new plan for 2014, and it starts with winning back her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson!

The troubled starlet has been bombarding the British DJ with texts, flowers and gifts in hopes of rekindling their romance – but it’s NOT because she’s been struck by Cupid’s arrow! Sources say Lindsay wants to reunite with Sam because she thinks a lesbian wedding would make GREAT reality TV, not to mention a big paycheck for the cash-strapped actress.

Lindsay, 27, is set to star in an eight-part docuseries for Oprah’s OWN network, which will focus on her attempt to resurrect her career after multiple stints in rehab. Although the “Mean Girls” beauty has been experiencing some friction with Oprah lately, she believes marrying Sam on camera would drive up the show’s ratings – and beef up her bank account.

A source says that if Lindsay’s deal with Oprah goes sour, and the series does not air – or episodes are cut – she’s certain she can make a bundle selling a separate wedding special to another network.

“You have to give her credit, when it comes to cashing in on her fame, no one beats Lindsay,” a Hollywood insider told The ENQUIRER. “She’s a born hustler with incredible instincts for making money off the public’s fascination with her roller-coaster life.”

The relationship between Lindsay and Sam was explosive from the start. And by the fall of 2008, their love life had become a kaleidoscope of hellish breakups and dramatic makeups, with each accusing the other of cheating. They split for good in the spring of 2009. As The ENQUIRER reported, Lindsay has been dating a slew of young hunks, including Liam Neeson’s 18-year-old son Michael and, most recently, model Morgan O’Connor, 18, who reportedly has gone back to his college student girlfriend. Meanwhile, Sam, 36, has moved on, but the source says she still carries a torch for her former flame. “Sam is incredibly flattered that Lindsay wants her back,” the source added. “And she’s certainly doing nothing to discourage her.”