Rob Shuter

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Attacks Emma Stone In ‘Batgirl’ Battle

Showbiz insiders blast Dina's bad move!

emma stone batgirl lindsay lohan feud
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Rob Shuter reports… Would-be comeback kid Lindsay Lohan has been lobbying to land the lead in “Batgirl,” and now mom Dina Lohan is trashing her rival for the role — Emma Stone!

“Lindsay asking her fans to tweet the director if they think she should get the role is one thing, but her mother trashing Emma is another!” revealed an insider.

“Dina took to Facebook posting an image of Emma and Lindsay, saying, ‘Don’t let Emma Stone get the batgirl movie.’

“‘Call or talk with [director] Joss Whedon and fight for this movie!”

Dina is hoping that the Batgirl role could be a big comeback for Lindsay once she beats out her Oscar-winning competition.

But, warned another studio veteran: “This behavior isn’t helping Lindsay. It makes her look desperate!”