Shocking claims that Lindsay Lohan suffered an overdose have rocked the pencil thin teen queen. The outrageous allegations were made by Lindsay’s troubled father Michael, who said he heard she had overdosed while working on her upcoming film comedy Just My Luck earlier this year. But the Mean Girls star has vehemently denied her father’s statements.

He appeared in court for sentencing after being convicted of drunken driving, contempt of court and assault. Under oath, he told the judge: “I heard my daughter had overdosed in New Orleans.” The 44-year-old, who has a history of substance abuse, further stated that Lindsay had been put in the hospital earlier this year under an assumed name so “I couldn’t find her or find out what was really going on.”

Furious Lindsay, 18, fired back through her publicist Leslie Sloane, who said: “That is a blatant lie. She had bronchitis. It’s a sad attempt to hurt Lindsay and her career. It’s just mean. He’s hurting his daughter.”

Michael Lohan, who has spent at least three stints in rehab, was sentenced May 27 to between 14 months to four years in prison for his offenses.

Last November, after Lindsay was hospitalized in Los Angeles for a high fever, he hinted publicly that Lindsay had been admitted to the hospital because of drugs and alcohol. Lindsay denied that suggestion as well, claiming that her father’s statements were “a cry for attention.”

In a recent interview, Lindsay admitted: “I’m not going to deny the fact that I’ve tried pot. I hated it. But I’ve never tried cocaine. I’ve seen my father. I’ve seen how it messes with families and it ****s your life up.

“If I hadn’t experienced that, I may have gone a different route. But I’ve seen how it literally tore my parents apart. So when my mom calls me saying my dad’s going to announce that I’m doing drugs and then they say I’m in the hospital for drugs, that really sucks.

“People get to the point where they’re absolutely so desperate that they’ll say anything. And you really can’t do anything about it because the more you defend yourself, the more it looks like you’re guilty.”

Yet sources close to the actress continue to say that Lindsay — who has lost nearly 30 pounds in the past few months and has been hospitalized twice this year — is burning the candle at both ends, partying hard and living on coffee and cigarettes.

A close friend of the actress said: “Lindsay’s a huge partier — she’s out almost every night in nightclubs. She’s taken on the title of the number one partying actress.”

Even Tara Reid, the poster child for young, hard drinking celebrities, claimed: “Lindsay is way more wild than I was when I was her age.”

An insider said: “Lindsay always denies that she drinks, but everyone who knows and cares about her is continually worried about her wild behavior. Sometimes she gets so out of control.”

Most recently, Lindsay was reported to have banned Jessica and sister Ashlee Simpson from attending her private after party at the Standard Hotel in L.A. following The MTV Movie Awards.

And friends say Lindsay’s “No Simpson’ policy was due to Ashlee’s blossoming relationship with Lindsay’s ex Wilmer Valderrama. “Lindsay can be a total spoiled brat — and the more overwrought she becomes emotionally, the worse she gets,” continued the insider.

“The last few months she was determined to lose weight fast — and though she refuses to admit that she’s doing anything unhealthy, some people believe she’s crash dieting and not taking care of herself physically.” Friends say even Lindsay’s mother Dina, who manages her career, seems worried about her daughter. “Dina is very sweet and very grounded. But the older Lindsay gets the harder it is for Dina to reprimand her,” said the close friend.

“At least Lindsay doesn’t have to worry about her father bothering her or talking about her for awhile — unless he finds a way to do that from prison.” Michael Lohan blamed his drinking and brawling on Dina and the fact that he hadn’t been able to see Lindsay and his three other children for most of the past year due to a restraining order.

Asked about the overdose claims, Lindsay’s publicist Leslie Sloane said: “Her father didn’t say she overdosed, he said he heard a rumor. Lindsay is doing great.”