Singing legend LINDA RONSTADT, who shocked fans with the news that she has Parkinson's disease, has reached out for help to an expert — MICHAEL J. FOX.

Linda, 67, who began to show symptoms of the neurological ailment about eight years ago, is heartbroken that the disease has destroyed her ability to sing.

She's hoping the 52-year-old "Back to the Future" star, who brave- ly copes with the debili- tating condition, can offer some miraculous advice to save her voice.

"Singing meant the world to Linda," a source revealed. "She's tried everything she can think of to recover her singing voice but nothing has worked, so now she's reached out to Michael, hoping he could suggest some miracle cure.

"Using himself as an example, he's been able to put a positive spin on the disease and offer Linda some hope that she could lead a somewhat normal life."

Unfortunately, says the source, he wasn't able to offer any advice on regaining her ability to sing.

Linda, an 11-time Grammy winner who's best-known for her rock ballads "You're No Good" and "When Will I Be Loved," admitted in a recent interview that she dismissed her early symptoms when they arose eight years ago. Instead, she said, she attributed her inability to sing to a tick-borne disease.

Michael, soon to premiere on "The Michael J. Fox Show," a series similarly based on his own life, was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1991, but became a celebrity advocate for the disease after publicly disclosing his condition in 1998.

"Linda reached out to Michael be- cause she admires his strength and courage," the source added. "She knew that if anyone could help, it would be him."