Playing Matchmaker

Liam Neeson Begs Barbra Streisand For A Matchup

The exes are now buddies!

Liam Neeson Barbra Streisand Dating — She’s Going To Set Him Up
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Liam Neeson’s old flame Barbra Streisand is playing matchmaker for the star!

Seven years after the death of his beloved wife, Natasha Richardson, “Liam’s so lovelorn that he’s called on Barbra to fix him up,” sources revealed.

In a recent interview, the actor joked he was dating someone “incredibly famous” but “would embarrass her if I said her name.”

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Liam, 63, was left “red-faced,” dished an insider. “In his heyday, he did date Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields and Barbra. But now he’s lonely — and hurting for dates.”

His last big hookup — a two-year romance with publicist Freya St. Johnston — fizzled in 2012. The actor has also sparked fears of ill health after going out in public looking scary skinny.

Liam insisted he’d dropped pounds for a role but rumors continue — and insiders hope he can find love soon.

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“He needs all the help he can get to find a new woman, and no doubt Barbra will find him a match,” added the informant. “She loves a challenge!”