With his 10 PM stinker losing viewers faster than a speeding cheetah, Jay Leno wants The Tonight Show back.

In a controversial new interview in Broadcast & Cable the jocular jaw-breaker decried his new time slot and then defended it, confusing the heck out of his Tonight Show replacement Conan O’Brien.

In fact, when  NBC laffer went up against a RERUN of CSI: Miami, Leno got creamed in the ratings.

And when asked flat out by the interviwer asked flat out if he regretted his prime-time relocation?

"Would I have preferred to stay at 11:30?" Leno demurred. "Yeah, sure."

Leno then continued to put massive foot in mouth.

"Do I enjoy the battle? Yes, I get a certain amount of satisfaction from pounding my head against the wall."

When asked if he would take back The Tonight Show if  NBC offered, Leno seemed clueless that the job had been filled by Conan the Usurper:

"If it were offered to me, would I take it? If that’s what they wanted to do, sure.

"That would be fine if they wanted to."

Happiness does not a 10 PM slot make for Jay.