Montel Williams is smokin’ mad that Hollywood doesn’t back him in his push for the legalization of pot.

The nationally syndicated talk show host uses medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which he was diagnosed with in 1999.

“Montel claims marijuana use is on the rise in Hollywood,” an insider told The National Enquirer. “But no one will speak out because they’re afraid of getting busted.”

To win people over to his side, Montel has been traveling state to state in a grass roots campaign — but has had few celebrity supporters so far.

At a May 9 fundraiser for the Marijuana Policy Project held in Santa Monica, Calif., Montel broke down as he described what his daily life is like without pot.

An observer said: “Tears were running down his face as he explained how the pain he feels until toking up is like razor blades slicing across his feet.”

In a previous interview, Montel explained: “I have never been an advocate for the illegal use of drugs. But research has clearly identified marijuana as a benefit to MS.”

Montel took up the fight for legal weed after being busted Nov. 3, 2003, at Detroit Metro airport. Officials found a small amount of pot and drug paraphernalia on him. He was fined $100.

According to NORML, an organization that wants marijuana law reform, the U.S. government champions the arrests of famous potheads as a hopeful deterrent to its use.

Added the source: “Hugh Hefner, Roseanne and Tommy Chong are among the few who have openly supported his crusade. But they’re in the Hollywood minority.”