Leah Remini’s Drowning Terror!

Leah Remini

Sitcom star Leah Remini rips into Scientology in a revenge-filled memoir — and discloses how a punishment ordered by a cult official almost killed her in a twisted drowning incident!

The shocking claim is contained in the bombshell-filled new book by the “King of Queens” actress, “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology,” which The National ENQUIRER obtained.

In addition to recounting tales of child abuse, stalking and sexual harassment at the hands of the secretive cult, Leah claims she was thrown from a boat when she was a teen!

Leah, now 45, once led a crew of “Sea Org” members cleaning the rooms at the Scientology-run Sandcastle Hotel in Florida, and headed to the hotel pool to relax once the job was done, according to the book.

When a Scientology bigwig saw her sunning by the pool, he ordered her to the nearby marina and took her out to sea.

Then he threw her overboard into the ocean!

Leah desperately treaded water, a victim of a church practice known as “overboarding” — “which entails throwing a crew member overboard as a form of reprimand,” according to the actress.

“Soaking wet and humiliated,” the nearly drowned teen was finally allowed back into the boat.

In another shocker, Leah said she was threatened with being put into the “Rehabilitation Project Force” after another cult member accused her of “heavy petting” with a boyfriend. A “code red” was declared on her and two security officers burst into her dorm room — leaving Leah terrified!

Leah also said her sister Nicole was harassed by an older male church member, who commented on the size of her breasts during one “training routine.”

What’s more, to her dismay, Leah’s baby half-sister, Shannon, was left in a filthy, insect-infested motel room when their mother left for Scientology work each day.

The room, she wrote, was filled with cribs full of “crying, neglected babies, flies and the smell of dirty diapers” with little ventilation.

On one occasion, Leah, then 15, went to check on little Shannon during her lunch break — and found Shannon “crying and soaked with urine in her crib.”

Leah also said the Scientology dorm room in which she stayed with Nicole was so infested with roaches that she learned to turn the lights on “and wait for them to scatter” before she would jump into her bed.

The girls were paid just $15 a week to clean rooms, and subsisted on a diet of rice and beans and “liquid eggs.”

In a response to Leah’s claims, the church said, “It comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as Leah Remini with an insatiable craving for attention would exploit her former religion … She is rewriting history.”

But Leah said she blew $5 million of her fortune on Scientology before severing ties with the church in 2013, ending a 37-year nightmare.