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Leah Remini Pulls Scientology Episode Over Sexual Assault Claims

Crusading actress helping the cops!

leah remini scientology danny masterson
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Leah Remini has withheld a bombshell episode of her Emmy-winning series “Scientology and the Aftermath” — at the request of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office!

Sources said the cops made the request while investigating actor Danny Masterson for sexual assault.

The unaired show features three female Scientologists who shockingly claim they were assaulted between 2001 and 2003 by the former star from “That ’70s Show.”

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Scientology disciple Masterson — currently appearing with Ashton Kutcher in the Netflix comedy “The Ranch” —has denied the charges.

“Leah did the responsible thing,” said a media mole.

“She didn’t want to harm the investigation, so she asked A&E to pull the episode, and they agreed.”