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‘A League Of Their Own’ Getting Small-Screen Treatment

Big plans for femme-driven production!

league of their own tv series

Hollywood scribes are typing away on a sitcom pilot based on “A League of Their Own,” the 1992 film about an all-gal professional baseball team during World War II.

Insiders say Amazon is producing — with plans to bring in a new audience after the original movie scored big at the box-office.

“With the current #MeToo crusade and upswing in the women’s rights movement, this is the perfect project for the times,” said an industry analyst.

Tom Hanks starred in the original as Jimmy Dugan, the former manager of a major-league men’s team who took on coaching the Rockford Peaches.

The team’s all-gal players were portrayed by a cast that included Geena Davis, Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell.

This new series will hopefully fare better than a 1993 try by the CBS network in 1993, with their small-screen “League of Their Own” quickly canceled after just six episodes.