MATT LAUER – ANN CURRY debacle sunk “The Today Show” ratings and now the NBC News Prez has impeached himself.

Steve Capus, NBC News president resigned after a rocky eight-year tenure when “Today” lost its 16-year winning streak to “Good Morning America,” the primetime news mag, “Rock Center” flopped and Matt Lauer went from a beloved morning show host to the most hated man on TV.

"It has been a privilege to have spent two decades here, but it is now time to head in a new direction," he wrote in a memo to staff today.

OR in other words – I’m outta here!

Capus — with former “Today” exective producer Jim Bell — ultimately took the blame for Ann Curry’s horribly mishandled heave-ho from her role as “Today” co-host with Matt Lauer last year.

While Lauer is said to have manipulated the situation to be lone wolf on the chatty cathy it ultimately backfired, plunging him to the top of the “heel” heap.

Meanwhile, Curry was reportedly attempting to break her iron clad contract at NBC to join former boss Jeff Zucker at his new post at CNN but Curry’s bound to NBC tighter than a writ of habeas corpus. Zucker then claimed he didn’t want Curry at CNN anyway.

The HMS Titanic had it’s rats fleeing a sinking ship – and so does NBC.