The Latest On Barbra Streisand’s Troubled Marriage

James Brolin and Barbra Streisand

Hillary Clinton could get sweet revenge on rival Barbra Streisand – by helping to blow up the diva’s troubled 17-year marriage to James Brolin!

The former First Lady’s “secret operatives” are after a sneak peek at what Barbra’s upcoming autobiography reveals about her horn-dog hubby Bill, sources told The ENQUIRER.

Said a top source: “Hillary’s determined to learn what Babs is writing about Bill. There’s no doubt her team is ready to leak the manuscript early so it can’t harm her at election time.

“That could be the final straw for Babs’ long-suffering husband!”

The ENQUIRER has reported that the Emmy-winning actor – most famous for his roles in “Hotel” and “Marcus Welby, M.D.” – fears Barbra’s tell-all will embarrass him with juicy details of her many Hollywood lovers.

The book, due out in 2017, could detail reported romances with a Who’s Who of Hollywood, including Elvis Presley, Ryan O’Neal, Kris Kristofferson, Jon Voight, Richard Gere and Warren Beatty – as well as tennis ace Andre Agassi, TV newsman Peter Jennings and “Miami Vice” star Don Johnson.

But the hottest gossip could address Barbra’s long-rumored affair with former President Clinton.

Barbra and Bill have claimed to be just friends, but The ENQUIRER previously reported that Hillary blew up when she learned Barbra had once spent the night at the White House when she was out of town.

Hillary viciously clawed Bill, leaving his face bloody – and then banned Barbra from ever visiting again!

Barbra, 73, is worth an estimated $500 million, while 75-year-old James is worth upwards of $145 million.

Said the source: “If Hillary’s team leaks embarrassing secrets, it could send James running to his lawyer for a $650 million divorce battle – and Hillary would have the last laugh!”