Health Crisis!

Larry King Goes Into Cardiac Arrest After Suffering Another Heart Attack

TV personality goes into cardiac arrest!

Larry King Suffers Another Heart Attack And Goes Into Cardiac Arrest
MEGA; Getty Images

Yikes! Larry King suffered another heart attack on Thursday, April 25, TMZ reported. The scary occurrence happened after he shockingly went into cardiac arrest.

According to TMZ, he’s been having difficulty breathing for months. Oddly enough, Larry was due to go to the hospital that day for an angiogram but went into cardiac arrest as he was home getting ready to go to the hospital.

He was allegedly rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and upon arrival to the hospital, doctors performed an angioplasty, meaning they opened up the collapsed artery and inserted stents.

The news outlet reports that he is set to be released from the cardiac arrest ICU on Monday, April 29.

Larry has been battling heart issues for three decades and has suffered two heart attacks. Here’s hoping this latest incident has nipped the issue in the bud…