High Stakes!

Larry David’s Pretty, Pretty Obsessed With Poker

Pals say 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' comes second to card games!

larry david scandals poker playing

Larry David has friends worrying about his new passion for poker — with insiders saying the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” comic spending more time cutting cards than planning a new season of his hit HBO show!

“Larry is in absolutely no hurry to get back to work right now,” a source snitched. “Even though the network is pressuring him to shoot new episodes

“Instead, he’s living and breathing poker with his rich buddies in L.A. at least twice a week!”

The insider also claimed that the “Seinfeld” creator isn’t investing just time in his high-stakes Hollywood gatherings.

“He is absolutely religious about getting everyone together,” the insider added, “and goes all-out to lay on a great spread for all his pals, with an astronomically high buy-in per every game.

“He insists it’s just a hobby, but his pals are a little worried — because he’s completely put his career on hold!”