Larry Curbs Enthusiasm for Snarky HBO Docu!

Faces of the Year 2021, Los Angeles, USA - 19 Oct 2021

Cranky comic genius Larry David was “pretty, pretty, pretty” unhappy with how he looks in an HBO documentary detailing his life — and that’s why he had the show pulled at the last minute, sources squeal!

“Larry has built a career on being a curmudgeon, but even he was stunned by how bad he looked,” snitches a source. “He came off as petty and mean and he wasn’t going to green-light anything that made him look so bad!”

The 74-year-old rainmaker was a driving creative force behind Seinfeld, and his Curb Your Enthusiasm sitcom has minted piles of green for HBO, which suddenly yanked the two-part documentary The Larry David Story on the eve of its March 1 

While the network tweeted the docu was pulled to feature Larry performing in front of a live audience, sources say HBO is allowing the star to tinker with the film to make it more flattering!

“HBO doesn’t want to do anything to upset their golden goose,” spills a source. “He has carte blanche to rework it any way he wants — and if he comes out looking like an angel, they’ll be happy to promote it that way!”

Larry has been a godsend for HBO for over 20 years, including producing, writing and starring in 11 seasons of Curb, where he plays a socially awkward Larry David–esque germaphobe.