Lady Gaga’s Career Is A Goner

New record bombs despite spectacular Super Bowl launch!

lady gaga career crisis flameout
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Lady Gaga — the once red-hot superstar whose halftime show set the stage for Super Bowl LI’s comeback fireworks — appears to be flaming out!

The “Bad Romance” singer, who’s desperately trying to launch a hit after “Joanne,” her flopped 2016 album, returned to her dance-pop roots for her new single, “The Cure.”

Newly Single Lady Gaga Goes See-Through!

But while Gaga continued wowing crowds with her performance at Coachella, the lackluster track has sunk on the charts and has been slammed, with one critic calling it “alarmingly generic.”

If she learned anything watching the New England Patriots come back from 24 points down to earn the NFL crown back in February, it might be time to use it!