Kurt & Goldie Fighting Again!

Kurt and Goldie
KCS Presse / MEGA TheMegaAgency.com

Longtime lovers Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn seem blissful in public, but behind closed doors they’re getting on each other’s nerves again, tattle sources. 

The 76-year-old former Laugh-In Sock It to Me gal and actionman Kurt, 71, “argue several times a day” over her “slobby habits” and his “nitpicking,” blabs an insider.

But the bickering twosome, who fell for each other during the 1983 filming of Swing Shift and have broken up at least once, have a trick that prevents total catastrophe — separate living quarters so they’re not always annoying each other, sources spill.

“They must have separate bathrooms and even separate wings of the house,” squeals the insider. “They often sleep in separate bedrooms because she’s a slob, and he snores loudly. It’s unconventional but it keeps them sane.”