Kristin Cavallari’s Brother Disappears, Leaving Ghostly Abandoned Car

Kristin michael car square

The disappearance of reality TV star Kristin Cavallari’s brother, Michael, under “suspicious” circumstances has left police utterly baffled and his famous sister desperately begging for help on social media.

The Grand County (Utah) Sheriff’s Office discovered Michael’s Honda Civic mysteriously abandoned about 100 feet off Interstate 70 on Nov. 27 — with its engine running and its airbag deployed! His laptop and cellphone were still in the vehicle, which appeared to have hit a rock.

Detectives traced the car to Michael, 30, through credit-card receipts that led them to a convenience store in Monticello, Utah — about 100 miles south of the car’s location — where Michael was seen in footage on the store’s security system.

That’s the last anyone has seen of Michael; he’s disappeared like a ghost!

Kristin, 28, posted to Instagram and Twitter on Monday morning about her missing brother:

“I appreciate all the concern, thoughts, and prayers that have been extended to me and my family,” she wrote next to a “throwback” photo of her with her brother. “We remain hopeful and I will share any news that we receive. I have such gratitude for all those that have shared their support.”

Authorities said: “We’re combing the area for anything we can find. We’re deeming it suspicious.”