KRIS HUMPHRIES in a legal “tit-for-tat” will subpoena KIM KARDASHIAN’s new BF KANYE WEST in their  divorce war.

"Kris lawyer, Lee Hutton, has no choice but to depose Kim's new boyfriend, Kanye West,” a source told

“Kim has publicly said that she and Kanye have been friends for years, and Kris' lawyers want to know if the two were ever intimate before they went public with their relationship a few months ago. Kris has no reason to believe that Kim was unfaithful to him during their very short marriage.

“Of particular interest to Team Humphries is Kanye's involvement in the Kardashian reality shows as he appeared on an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Kris lawyers will delve into if Kanye's appearance on the show, and what his involvement in the shows are going forward.

“Kris believes that Kim felt tremendous pressure to get married to him on camera, and this goes to the heart of his claim that the marriage is fraudulent," the source added.

Kim and Kris' upcoming depositions won't be filmed. The reality starlet's deposition will take place in Los Angeles at her lawyer’s office, while Humphries' will be conducted in Minnesota, and both are scheduled to take place in the next several weeks.

"Both parties mutually agreed that it wasn't necessary to have Kim and Kris' deposition filmed," the source previously told us.

"There will be a private stenographer present that will provide a transcript of the proceedings. There was concern about the depositions being filmed and then getting leaked to the media. To ensure that won't happen everyone recognized and agreed to not have proceedings filmed.

"However, Kris' lawyer, Lee Hutton has told Laura Wasser (Kim's attorney) that they ABSOLUTELY intend to ask that cameras be permitted in the courtroom when this divorce goes to trial.”