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Kris Jenner’s Business Blues

Questions over her new endeavor!

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Kris Jenner spun the boobs of Kim, Khloé and Kourtney into a $300 million empire — but her new business school venture is being branded a bust!

Kris is the new face and chairman of the board of the new Legacy Business School, which appears to be a remake of the scandal-scarred European School of Economics.

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The place was spanked by the New York State Department of Education for passing out bachelor’s and master’s degrees without permission — and apparently sank in a sea of red ink.

“She hitched her wagon to the wrong star. The school has a new name, but the address, phone number and CEO are exactly same,” a source said.

“They just slapped a fresh coat of paint on the old scandal — and, apparently, Kris has no idea!”

Scheduled to open in September, the school’s first 100 students will get the opportunity to have an “exclusive” dinner with Kris, who already filmed promotional videos for the school.

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In one video, Kris declared: “Ambition is what drives us.”

Maybe she should’ve checked ambition’s driver’s license — or taken a limo!