Kris Jenner Cashing In On Lamar Odom Post-OD Interview!


Lamar Odom is struggling to recover from his near-fatal binge on drugs and hookers — while Kris Jenner cashes in on his tragedy!

Radar Online has reported the shocking details behind the cold-blooded reality star’s plan to make money off the basketball star’s first post-OD interview!

“All of a sudden, Lamar’s become useful to her again,” a close source told Radar.

The site also revealed how Lamar’s momager-in-law has used her concerned daughter Klhoé to shoot video of Lamar’s stay in the hospital — even as The ENQUIRER obtained the local cops’ disturbing photos of Lamar’s overdose in a Nevada brothel!

“Anyone saying they’ve not been filming throughout this doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” insisted the insider.

“Kris is licking her lips at all the money she’ll make on the back of Lamar’s OD!”