Family Tradition!

Kris Jenner — First In The Family With A Sex Tape

Jackie Collins had the scoop on the private video!

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Long before Kim Kardashian made her sex-tape splash, her mom Kris Jenner “performed” on camera while doing the deed!

That’s the claim by author Ian Halperin — who says the reality-star momager, 60, filmed a raunchy video at some point with former husband and O.J. Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian!

How Kris Jenner Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder!

Robert later divorced Kris, and died in 2003.

According to Ian, now a seven-figure payday is being offered for the lost sex tape!

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Ian has a classic Hollywood source for the claims, too .

He says that the late romance author Jackie Collins — a pal of Kris before her own death from breast cancer last year — told him of the tape’s existence!