KIRSTIE ALLEY’s desperate attempts to bring together troubled JOHN TRAVOLTA & wife KELLY PRESTON as she  turns “marriage counselor”  AND her recovery mission is working, say sources.

After The ENQUIRER’s recent bombshell disclosure that Travolta, 58, was caught in a gay sex scandal, the twice-divorced sitcom legend rushed to the rescue.

Kirstie begged her BFF Kelly not to do anything hasty – and she also demanded that John clean up his act.

“After the scandal broke, Kirstie dropped everything and assumed the role of the Travoltas’ marriage counsel­or,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

In The ENQUIRER’s March 26 ex­pose, a 43-year-old masseur confided details about a sordid encounter he allegedly had with Travolta at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan. 16.

The burly massage therapist – who passed a lie-detector test – said the ac­tor had answered his Craigslist ad and hired him for a $200-an-hour mas­sage. The encounter reportedly turned ugly when Travolta began touching the man, who rebuffed his sexual ad­vances.

The actor then allegedly suggested a three-way romp that would include a sexy female “model-type.”

The massage therapist threatened to call the police, and Travolta fi­nally backed off. But he insulted and belittled the masseur before paying him $800 for his time.

“Kelly was furious with John af­ter yet another cheating story made headlines,” said the source. “When she demanded an explanation, he at­tempted some lame excuse. But this time Kelly told him it was the last straw and that she was leaving.”

Brokenhearted Kelly turned to her close friend and fellow Sci­entologist Kirstie for a shoulder to cry on – and the 61-year-old sitcom queen has been doing all she can to patch their marriage back together.

“Kirstie managed to calm Kelly down,” revealed the source. “She begged her not to make any hasty de­cisions because of their two children.

Kirstie told her pal, ‘Even with all his faults, John’s a good man, a good father and he loves you with all his heart.’”

Next, the “Fat Actress” star focused on John, according to the source.

“She called him and gave him hell! She told him he was throwing happi­ness out the window by putting Kelly through scandal after scandal.

“ ‘You could lose it all, you big goof!’” Kirstie chided him.

“‘You better crawl back to that girl and beg her forgiveness. She’s the best thing that ever happened to you.’”

Kelly, 49, paid close attention to her longtime friend as her 20-year mar­riage hung in the balance.

As The ENQUIRER previously re­vealed, Travolta had walked out on his beautiful wife, their 12-year-old daughter Ella Bleu and year-and-a-half-old son Benjamin just weeks ago on the third anniversary of the tragic death of their 16-year-old son Jett.

But a determined Kirstie believes she can help the troubled family stay together.

“It would break her heart if they split for good,” said the source.

“But with Kirstie’s help the Travoltas seem to have worked through their problems once again.”