KIRSTIE ALLEY has been gorging herself on comfort food following her crushing elimination from “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars” – and she packed on a whopping 10 pounds in just 10 days!

The 61-year-old former “Fat Ac­tress” star, whose weight has yo-yoed for years, had managed to drop down to about 180 pounds before getting the boot from “DWTS” on Nov. 13. But she was photographed less than a week later chowing down on fatty food at the Mustard Seed Cafe near her Los Feliz, Calif., neighborhood. And she returned the very next day for another pigout session!

Kirstie had lunch at the same spot two days in a row and ate the same thing both times,” revealed an eyewitness. “She inhaled a heaping plate full of tortilla chips and gua­camole, along with chicken tortilla soup laden with tortilla strips.”

The guacamole and chips alone are estimated to contain about 1,400 calories and 84 grams of fat!

Kirstie’s food binge began in the days leading up to her departure from the reality dance competition, says the source. It was a far cry from her experience during the 12th season of “DWTS,” when Kirstie credited the grueling training ses­sions on the show for contributing to her 100-pound weight loss from what she claimed was an all-time high of 230. She and pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy ended up taking sec­ond place.

But on this season’s “All-Stars” rendition of the ABC hit, Kirstie and Maks spent a lot of time at the bottom of the leaderboard.

“Kirstie knew all the other dancers were far younger and in better shape, and that the experience could likely end in failure and embarrassment,” another insider noted. “She held on for as long as she could, but toward the end she start­ed gorging out of nervousness. She gained two pounds prior to her exit and eight after, and she’s quickly going to hit the 200 pound mark again.

“She was hoping to revive her sputtering film and TV career with a win on ‘DWTS’ at the same time her tell-all book, ‘The Art of Men’ was out. But that didn’t happen.”

According to the insider, Kirstie, who’s starring in a new TV Land pilot, “Giant Baby,” has been telling pals she plans to gorge herself until New Year’s.

“She’s back to devouring her be­loved high-fat, high-salt Chinese food, including chow mein, Kung Pao chicken and doughy dumplings,” the insider revealed. “And she just learned how to make homemade pasta, so she’s been enjoying endless bowls of rich gnocchi and buttery fettuccine Alfredo.

“Kirstie is eating like there’s no tomorrow since getting kicked off ‘DWTS,’ and friends are worried she’s headed back into the same unhealthy, fat person’s abyss that she’s struggled with for more than a decade.”