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Kim & Kanye’s Crazy Demands For Their Surrogate

What to expect when you're expecting a Kardashian-West!

kim kardashian kanye west baby surrogate
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Notorious control freaks Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have such a grueling list of demands for the surrogate who will be having their third child, insiders said it’s a miracle they found one crazy enough to agree!

In order for the mystery surrogate to receive her pay — which is an estimated $45,000 in monthly installments — she had to agree to obey the outrageous rules given to her by the couple for the nine months she’ll be carrying.

“Kim wants the woman to listen to a diverse array of relaxing music, like Enya, Chopin and old-style Beyoncé — and no hip-hop music with curses!” a source revealed to The National ENQUIRER.

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The woman is only allowed to eat organic food and must avoid carbs that are not complex — which has been an issue for the surrogate, who has been craving cake.

The couple wants their third child to be as cultured as their first two, so they have asked the surrogate to “study French and Mandarin because Kim believes language-learning stimulates a fetus’ brain,” according to the tipster.