WHO’s that lady with the plastic face?

Kim Kardashian has gone overboard in her relentless quest for perfection, say experts, who are shocked at reports she got her lips injected with fillers even when she was pregnant last year.

“I advise my expectant patients against fillers,” said New York area cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who didn’t treat Kim but explained, “Botox is a big no-no because you don’t want any potential transfer to the baby.”

Sources say the 33-year-old mom’s search for the Fountain of Youth has already taken a toll.

“Clearly, she’s got a whole new look – going from soft and beautiful to scary,” declared Des Moines plastic surgeon Dr. David Robbins.

Although he hasn’t treated the TV star, he concluded, “She’s lost her warm and welcoming smile. Her enhancements (produced) a plastic image, which has gone beyond the natural look of plastic surgery that’s done in good taste.”

Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon from Troy, Mich., said he’s always suspected Kim has gone under the knife, as well as received skin treatments.

“Kim looks like she’s had far too much plastic surgery,” he told The National ENQUIRER. “I have suspected that she’s had a nose job because it kept getting thinner and shorter. She also had a bump removed from her nose.

“Her lips are so plumped up with filler that they look like two sausages. I also suspect she’s had Botox injected into her forehead, in addition to getting chemical peels and laser treatments on her skin. She’s looking more plastic.”

Summing up, Dr. Steve Fallek, a New Jersey–based clinical assistant professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, quipped: “She’s had too much work – even for a Kardashian!”

Have they or have they not?

“Khloé looks as if she has had a nose job. Her lips look as if she had filler injected to add volume,” says New York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe.

“Kourtney looks as if she is taking a page from little sister Khloé’s book by using fillers to add to her lips and nasolabial crease,” according to Dr. Rowe.

“Kris has had a facelift to rejuvenate her face and neck. This elevates cheeks and removes excess skin and telltale neck bands,” said Dr. Rowe.