KIM KARDASHIAN is a real pro when it comes to raking in the cash, but she STINKS at giving it away!

The reality show diva, who’s worth $40 million, has been accused of donating the bare minimum allowed to a nonprofit she’s involved with – even after she bragged about her charitable intentions on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

IN August 2012, Kim, 33, Tweeted that she was going to auction off some of her clothes on eBay after fiance Kanye West cleaned out her closet during an episode of her hit reality show. She also said the money raised would be donated to the Life Change Community Church, now called the Califor­nia Community Church, located in Agoura Hills, Calif., although she revealed in fine print that the church would get only 10 percent of the proceeds.

“The charity was clearly hoping that she would get caught up in the giving and donate a lot more money,” the source ex­plained. “She didn’t. She donated a measly amount of money when she has so much. It’s hor­rible. For what Kim ended up giving this charity, she probably spends on Christian Louboutin designer pumps in a month!

“Even worse is the fact that her mom (Kris Jenner) helped found the church. But Kim STILL gave the bare minimum amount.”

Documents reveal that the church received just $19,975 – a paltry 10 per­cent of Kim’s reported take from the auction. That’s the minimum amount required by Giving Works, eBay’s charitable arm.

“After fees, it was calculated that Kim kept a whopping $179,775 to line her own pockets while the charity got less than 20 grand,” the source added.

Following the disclosure, one blogger noted: “Seriously, NEVER give Kim Kardashian money for charity.”