Kim Kardashian is so image obsessed she’s even airbrushing pictures of her innocent 19-month-old daughter North West!

“Kim adores North and thinks she’s beautiful in her natural state. But she’s a strong believer in putting your best features forward,” a family insider told The National ENQUIRER.

The publicity-hungry reality TV diva has taken heat from friends and hubby Kanye West for her meddling, sources said, but she’s still altered her daughter’s natural features in photos.

“Kim’s eliminated North’s unibrow, kinky hair and a gap between her teeth,” the insider said. “She thinks nothing of having pictures of herself photoshopped, so she doesn’t see a problem doing the same for North. Kim even mulled the idea of waxing her brows, but Kanye said, ‘No way.’ ”

The mom also put her baby girl, nicknamed Nori, on a sugar-free diet to head off weight issues, according to sources.

An Instagram post from a November 2013 visit to a New York zoo showed a smiling Nori with perfect teeth. But a reflection in the photo seemed to indicate that a gap between her teeth was filled in. Said the source: “Kim treats Nori like her own little baby doll. She loves dressing her up and having them both wear matching outfits.”Kim’s also admitted to using product on the toddler’s naturally curly mane, saying: “I just started using our oil because I needed to slick it back and make it stay.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Kim and Kanye have clashed over parenting styles. “Kanye keeps telling her that Nori’s so-called imperfections are normal for a toddler He just wants to see Nori grow up feeling confident and loved,” said the source. “Some of Kim’s pals worry she could be setting Nori up for body issue problems later in life.”