Kid Rock told fans it’s OK to steal his songs — and maybe while they’re at it do a little rebellious thieving like boosting autos, designer duds and iPods too.

The hard rocking, drinking Kid posted a special pronouncement on YouTube exhorting his minions to "steal everything."

The pompous "rebel" a.k.a. Robert James Ritchie boasted in the vid he’s so rich that he can’t complain if his fans download  his tunes from the net via file sharing programs without cutting him a royalty check.

Then he goes on to add folks should "level the playing field" by stealing everything they need from wealthy corporations. 

He then names laptops, iPods, Toyota cars and Tommy Hilfiger clothes as targets for thievery.

But the white rapper rocker and former Pam Anderson boy toy later told news outlets he was just kidding.

That’s the kind of kidding that puts people behind bars, Kid!