Khloé Kardashian is so desperate to lose weight she’s willing to destroy pricey gourmet meals with window-cleaning spray to keep her from overeating! “

She’ll spray it on something after she’s had a bite or two so she won’t keep eating it,” an insider whispered to The National ENQUIRER. The full-figured Khloé, 30, picked up the “tip” from her self-obsessed sister Kim. She now keeps a pint-sized spray bottle of homemade, Windex-like cleaner in her purse. Khloé pulled out the bottle at L.A.’s Cuvée during a late lunch with friends. She “sprayed” again at Pinkberry.

“She used to make fun of Kim for the nutty practice,” the insider divulged. “But that was before she became obsessed with staying thin.Khloé reportedly has problems with self-control. “Khloé has no problems wasting food, no matter how expensive or extravagant it may be as long as it helps her maintain her figure. “It’s hard for her stop eating, especially all of the yummy food that’s at the family’s disposal. This way she can order what she wants – without fear of eating too many calories.”

But other K-clan members have their doubts about the diet … especially when they’re dining out. “Kourtney was horrified,” another source said. “She screeched, ‘That’s disgusting and weird!’”

Oddly enough, Kim picked up the tip from pin-thin Victoria Beckham, who was rumored to have a horrible sweet tooth and didn’t want to put any extra weight on. “Victoria was suffering from a horrible sweet tooth and didn’t want to put any extra weight on.

“Kim loved the idea and started spraying everything! She dubbed it the ‘one-bite system’ to indulge without gaining weight,” the source said.“Now, Khloe is the ‘Windex’ diet queen!”