Hard to start a family when KEVIN JONAS and his new wife DANIELLE sleep in separate bedrooms. 

Because he snores like a freight train – and it’s derailing their baby-making plans!

Now the Jonas Brothers star and his beautiful bride, who married eight months ago, are at odds over how to handle their domestic crisis.

"They’re totally in love and really want a baby, but Danielle can’t stand Kevin’s snoring, so she’s started sleeping in the guest room," a close friend told The ENQUIRER.

Kevin doesn’t like the arrangement, and "it’s become this huge problem between them."

Danielle, 23, has been pleading with Kevin, 22,  to see a sleep specialist. She’s also asked him to consider using a special sleep mask that will help him breathe easier during the night.

But Kevin says it would be uncomfortable to wear. Plus, he feels if Danielle had to sleep "next to a guy wearing an anti-snoring device, it would certainly not get her in the mood for love."

Kevin is hoping Danielle will eventually adjust, but for now, he’s given her a pair of heavy-duty ear plugs. Still, she usually sneaks out of the bedroom after Kevin falls asleep, says the source.

"She is frustrated. And losing sleep is making her even crankier."