Kennedys crashing cars are nothing new but KERRY KENNEDY’s “seizure” claims puts ChappaquidDICK Ted to shame!

As THE ENQUIRER previously reported Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Bobby Kennedy, was busted by NY state police after she rammed a tractor trailer on 1-684 and appeared out of it.  They said she was driving under the influence of drugs. Her reps denied it.

In an upstate New York courtroom. Kerry, 52, pleaded not guilty.

“I have never had a history of drug and alcohol abuse,” she told the judge after her Lexus SUV smashed up.

“I was asked if I had taken any medications. I volunteered that I take two prescriptions — one that I take everyday for a thyroid condition and another, Ambien, which I take on average about once a month to help me sleep.

“I told the officer that it was theoretically possible that I had mistakenly taken an Ambien instead of the thyroid pill early that morning.”

Yet, the appearance of the thyroid medication and Ambvien – generic or otherwise – look nothing alike.

The former wife of New York Governor  Andrew Cuomo — mother of their three children — said tests she took at the hospital after the crash showed no booze, drugs or prescription pills in her system.

Follow up tests at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Medical Center pointed to the real culprit, she told the judge.

“An MRI showed a hyper-density which appeared to be the result of a head injury I sustained some time ago,” she said outside the courthouse.

“A comprehensive battery of neurological tests showed symptoms consistent with right side of the brain injury. The accident was not caused by a sleeping aid but by a complex partial seizure.

"My doctor says this is the first seizure I have ever had.”

In court, Kerry did not mention that she was the sister of RFK, Jr. who’s estranged wife Mary Richardson Kennedy had recently committed suicide. Kerry had said she and the dead woman had been best friends.