Keri Russell Pregnant By Costar She Dated With Husband’s Approval!


Keri Russell is expecting a baby with costar Matthew Rhys on the hit cable series “The Americans” — two years after The ENQUIRER revealed how the former “Felicity” star was dating the actor with her husband’s approval!

The couple began dating after they were cast as undercover husband-and-wife Russian spies in the ’80s-set show. Now insiders are saying that Keri is more than four months pregnant!

The baby buzz began after Keri began to wear suspiciously-concealing outfits a few months ago — and it looks like Keri and Matthew couldn’t wait until after her divorce from Shane Deary to get busy with their own family!

“Keri, Shane and Matthew are like one big happy family,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Keri and Shane have drifted apart romantically, and over the summer [of 2013] they realized they were better as friends than lovers.

“Then Keri fell for Matthew, and she worried Shane would feel betrayed — seeing how the two guys were close friends!”

Instead, the Hollyweird couple seems to have worked things out — which is a good thing, considering the sizzling sex scenes that Keri and Matthew have enjoyed on their cable series!

This will be Keri’s third child, after having a son and daughter with Shane.

Keri’s husband is also fine with Matthew stepping in with those children, too.

“Shane is totally cool with it,” said the source.

“He knows Matthew is a stand-up guy, and trusts him implicitly with their kids!”