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Kelly Rohrbach: ‘Baywatch’ Babe’s Boobs Keep Busting Out

Leonardo's ex shows off more than her acting!

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New “Baywatch” beauty Kelly Rohrbach — once best known as the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio — made too big of a splash while filming the movie version of the hit TV series when she kept “spilling” out of her iconic red bathing suit.

The 26-year-old bombshell, playing Pamela Anderson’s “C.J. Parker” role, had bigwigs in a tizzy when her charms kept popping out during action scenes.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Over Kelly Rohrbach With Bikini Babes!

“The running and swimming scenes were particularly tough,” noted a source.

Staffers solved the problem by gluing the suit to her body — but that proved (ouch!) sticky when Kelly took her suit off!