Tipping the Scales

Kelly Preston: From Super Thin To Double Chin!

John Travolta’s wife is packing on the pounds.

Kelly preston chin NETUESDAY

Kelly Preston’s weight has exploded!

The former screen hottie’s packing on the pounds as her career fizzles and husband John Travolta soars with starring gigs in a blockbuster TV series about O.J. Simpson and a blazing new Western.

While gay scandals continue to swirl around John’s bizarre lifestyle and add to Kelly’s stress, John’s also been getting buzz for his portrayal as attorney Robert Shapiro on “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson,” and as The Marshal in the upcoming shoot-’em-up flick “In a Valley of Violence.”

Meanwhile, Kelly’s only recent job was a guest bit on an episode of “CSI: Cyber.”

“This has been a rough time for Kelly,” a source told The National ENQUIRER.

“John’s career seems to be going great guns again, while her career has seemingly stalled.”

The shocking book “Kelly Preston Unscripted,” released last September, also sent her racing to the fridge, added the source.

As The ENQUIRER reported, the spicy read accused her of being a pill-popper who tried to commit suicide three times!
“Of course, Kelly claimed the book was rubbish,” said the source.

“But just having it out there was more than she could bear!

“She took to eating more … and now it appears she paid the price with at least 10 to 15 more pounds!”