Kelly Osbourne Melts Down On ‘Australia’s Got Talent’

Kelly osbourne dog square

Being a judge on “Australia’s Got Talent” will expose you to some pretty unsettling sights and sounds, so Kelly Osbourne might not have the stomach for the job — especially after she “flipped” during a beatboxing performance.

During a break in filming, a member of the crowd volunteered to do some beatboxing, and the impromptu show reportedly left the purple-haired 31-year-old traumatized as she stuck her fingers in her ears and begged producers to make the performer stop, explaining that she has an extreme phobia of “mouth noises”!

Apparently the audience thought she was joking, and her fellow judges — actress Sophie Monk, singer Eddie Perfect and TV personality Ian “Dicko” Dickson — didn’t know what to think.

“The other three judges didn’t know where to look and just tried to ignore it all,” said a witness. “It was pretty awkward.”

As The NATIONAL ENQUIRER previously reported, Kelly has been diagnosed with a very real condition called misophonia, which causes sufferers to become physically ill at the sound of eating and drinking.

Things did not improve after the beatboxing stopped and filming resumed. As the next act — featuring dogs — took the stage, Kelly abruptly burst into tears!

The hysterical former “Fashion Police” star explained that the canines reminded her of her newly adopted puppy, which she left back home in L.A.

Poor Kelly could probably use some snuggle time with the adorable pup — but, please, no licking!