Au No Naturel!

Keira’s Contract Clause To Keep Her Clothes On!

Actress bares personal ban on nudity.

Smiling Keira Knightley Looking Right INSET of Alexander Skarsgård and Keira Knightley in Film THE AFTERMATH
Shutterstock; FOX Searchlight Pictures

Bend It Like Beckham beauty Keira Knightley refuses to bare all for the camera or her career — and she’s got it in writing!

“I don’t do ANY nudity,” said the 34-year-old Brit, pointing to a special clause in her contract.

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She has always used body doubles for her steamy sex scenes, including in her recent movie, The Aftermath.

“I was outside having a cup of tea and a scone while those scenes were shot because I didn’t have to be naked,” dished the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

“That’s how it works in my clause!”