Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are at odds over whether to try now for another baby, sources say.

The superstar actor, 46, wants his 30-year-old wife to get pregnant, but Katie is determined to focus on her newly revitalized career, according to insiders.

"Katie loves Tom, but she needs breathing room," an insider told The ENQUIRER.

"Last fall, she promised that when her Broadway play All My Sons wrapped early this year, she’d move back to Los Angeles and travel to Europe and China with Tom while he works on a new film."

But after the Batman Begins beauty got glowing reviews for her Broadway role, a slew of career opportunities came her way, said the source.

"Right now, Katie is more interested in pursuing interesting acting roles than being pregnant," added the insider.
"Both she and Tom want a little brother or sister for their daughter Suri. It’s just that Tom wants one now, and Katie wants one later."

Career-minded Katie begged off accompanying her husband on most of the massive overseas press tour for his Nazi flick Valkyrie.

While Tom was in Korea on Jan. 16, she was in New York finalizing her role in the upcoming comedy The Extra Man, and also reportedly auditioning for the Broadway musical version of Finding Neverland.

When Katie finally joined Tom in Berlin, tension over the baby issue came to a head – and the two traded angry words after the Valkyrie premiere on Jan. 20, as The ENQUIRER recently reported.

"Tom reminded Katie that she’d promised him a baby this year. She apologized profusely, and pleaded for more time," the insider divulged.

A chastened Katie traveled to London with Tom for the Jan. 21  Valkyrie preem.

"Katie loves Tom dearly, and she wants to have another child with him – just not right now."