KATIE HOLMES is turning loverboy JAMIE FOXX into a family man.

The former “Dawson’s Creek” beauty is the secret reason behind the 46-year-old Oscar winner’s reconciliation with his birth parents, who abandoned him as an infant more than 40 years ago.

The “Django Unchained” star, who was raised by his grandmother, was inspired to make amends after seeing what a positive affect Katie’s close bond with her family has had on her life.

Despite the years of estrangement, Jamie has moved his mother, Louise, into his home and he’s working on building a strong relationship with his father, Darrell.

“Katie has had such a positive impact on Jamie,” said an insider.

“He was something of an unmoored ship before Katie came along, whereas Katie is very grounded and sensible.

“As their relationship progresses and gets more serious, Katie has pushed Jamie to confront his painful past and to forgive his folks for not being the best parents.”

Katie has always been extremely close with her Ohio-based family. Her dad Martin, a lawyer, helped negotiate her divorce from Tom Cruise, and her mom, Kathleen, is a very hands-on, doting grandmother to Katie’s daughter, Suri.

As The ENQUIRER reported, Katie, 35, spent a half-million dollars building a waterfront getaway in southeast

Michigan, just miles from her childhood Ohio home. Her parents own a vacation home less than a mile away, and Katie plans to spend summers and holidays there.

Although their reps deny they’re an item, we were first to report in October that Jamie – a close friend of Katie’s ex, tom Cruise – was regularly spending the night at her New York City home.

“As they become closer, Katie is encouraging Jamie to put down more roots and become more of a family man and less of a party animal,” the insider added. “He says he feels a huge load off his shoulders after  reconnecting with his parents.

“Their estrangement was a dark cloud hanging over his head. Now he’s healing, thanks to Katie.”